Textly is a computer SMS (texting) system that makes it incredibly easy to text an individual or large group of people with just a few clicks.

Originally designed for hotels, Textly fits well with many different businesses, but works especially well with hotels, motels and restaurants.

Communicate with a Click

Texting was never this easy!

With Textly you can generate message lists with ease and send individual or group texts.

Perfect for hotels/motels, restaurants and more!

Smart Notification

Mr. Smith, your room is ready!

Lodging establishments will find it easy to save time and money with Textly’s room-ready notification feature. With just a few clicks you can notify your early arrivals that their room is ready, all-the-while developing a powerful marketing list to engage and retain your guests.

Restaurants can do away with expensive and complicated paging systems and notify their patrons with a text when their table is ready. Further, an initial text can be sent out with a link to your online menu, which will speed up ordering and ultimately generate more turnovers on busy nights.

Easy to use

Textly is extremely easy to use, and can be run on multiple computers or mobile devices at the same time.

Marketing lists

Generate marketing lists to create loyalty programs and retain customers.

Reporting features

View your campaign results in a web browser or on your mobile device.

Save time and money

What used to take minutes now only takes a few seconds. Replace calling with texting and save on time and money.

Broadcast notifications

With Textly, you can send out broadcast notifications to your current guests or customers.

Table-ready notifications

Replace your expensive paging system with Textly. Easily notify your patrons when their table is ready and create marketing lists at the same time!